About Me

My name is Jessica, and I'm a twenty-something with many obsessions in life. I live on a small island in Florida, and life is pretty simple and laid back here. I want to start out by saying that I am by no means a professional. Everything I share on my blog are merely things that I have learned through my own experiences.

So, a little bit about me...  I enjoy romantic walks on the beach..  Just kidding, but not really. Anyways... I'm that person who takes pictures of their food, watches Christmas movies all year-round, and sings really loud in the car. I'm fluent in movie quotes, song lyrics, and sarcasm. I have a love for owls, sunsets, chick flicks, and all things Disney.

On my blog, I'm going to be sharing my love for doing nail art, DIY, cooking in the kitchen, subscription services, photography, traveling, gardening, and basically anything else I feel like blogging about. I hope you enjoy my blog and come back often!

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