Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review: Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Chocolate Lovers Cake Mix

Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Chocolate Lovers Cake Mix


• Quick and Easy
• Tastes Good
• Fluffy 


• Not very moist

Overall Rating

About Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1

Duncan Hines has created a mug cake that is the perfect size for one individual and is ready in just over a minute! It comes in 18 different varieties, from Chocolate Lover's Cake, to Smores Cake, and even a Carrot Cake. There are a ton of ways to get creative and experiment with these individual packets of cake mix!

How To Make

All you need to make your personal cake in a mug, is 1 mug that is at least 9 oz., 1 pack of the Duncan Hines cake mix, and 3 tablespoons of water. You can even find recipes that substitute the 3 tablespoons of water with things like orange juice and coffee! It's seriously as easy as 1,2,3..

Step 1: Empty the cake mix into a mug that is at least 9oz. (Make sure the mug is microwave safe!)

Step 2: Add 3 tablespoons of water (or your replacement for water) and stir well. Make sure there is no dry cake mix left behind.

Step 3: Microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds and then let the cake cool inside the micorwave for 2 minutes.
It doesn't get much easier than that, people!

My Experience

I was very happy with my sample of the Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1. I sampled the Chocolate Lover's Cake and it was very tasty. It was not very moist, but it was very soft and fluffy. It was also very quick, convenient, and easy to make, and takes no longer than five minutes from start to finish. All you need is a coffee mug and 3 tablespoons of milk or water, and that's it. I love that you basically only dirty one mug and a spoon, making clean up a breeze! You can even make your own creations by adding things like sprinkles, ice cream, whipped cream, etc. I could see myself purchasing these in the future for when I'm wanting something sweet, quick, and convenient.

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